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    Our Patron Saint

Vicar's Message

Welcome to St.Gregorios Malankara (Indian) Orthodox  Church.  Our prayer is that you can feel the love and Grace of God, flowing from the pages of this website.

We want to extend a personal invitation to you and your family, as we all exalt and worship the Triune God,  the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  Today you will find a broad range of ministry opportunities offering everyone a place to utilize their God-given talents and graces.  We seek to live out Jesus’ Great Commission of seeking the least, the last, and the lost, that all may know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We seek to lift up Christ and Him crucified, being raised from the dead to restore the brokenness and destruction sin has brought to humanity. We seek to live out the Grace of God in our daily lives knowing that in all things, God’s Grace is sufficient.  God desires a believer to live a victorious, abundant life in Christ, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. As a community of disciples, we are all on the journey of discovering and learning. As we make our way down that road, we do it together. None of us are perfect, none of us have it all together, none of us have all the answers, but we learn and grow and laugh and serve together. We care for each other and we seek to bring God’s love into a broken world, both nearby and far away.

May the Grace and Blessings of God almighty abide with you for ever. And may the prayers of the Theotokos Holy Virgin Mary and the prayers of our Holy Fathers St. Gregorios and Mar Baselios, St.Thomas the Apostle of India and Mar Dionasius and all the Saints be a Stronghold for us. Amen.

Welcome To St. Gregorios Orthodox Church

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Weekly Schedule


8:30 AM – Morning Prayer
09:30 AM – Holy Qurbana
12:00 PM – Sunday School


6:30 PM – Evening Prayer
7:00 PM Holy Qurbana(1st Friday)


6:30 PM – Evening Prayer
The Holy Eucharist is conducted in Malayalam. Every Second Sunday Holy Eucharist in English.


“You must regularly read the Holy Bible. You must obey your spiritual fathers and increase their good name and honor before God and men by your exemplary life “..

“Those who disobey their parents and join their enemies, are liable to be cursed by them. They will not inherit the legacy of their parents and will be disqualified from this world as well as the other “.

“If there is quarrel in family, keep away from it. A quarrelsome house is the haven of the devil; and God is nowhere near it “.